Real Life and its Inevitable Consequences

The last month has been extremely busy and exhausting – so much that even banging out quick updates for this blog became daunting.

But that’s over. I’m still recuperating, but at least I’m going into the weekend rested enough that working on my writing will be plausible.

So, what are the plans for the next few weeks?

First, I need to do some maintenance on my query spreadsheet – I need to figure out how many of my queries are still live, and who are my next targets. Then I’ll write a long overdue query report (which will probably be depressing, but oh well.)

I’m also going to reread Book the First. It won’t be a full editing pass (although I’ll surely do¬†some edits) but I need to get it back in mind, because I’m considering a few smallish changes. Specifically, I wrote a short prologue that serves as a framing device, and judging from the feedback I received from agents, it’s not working all that well. I want to see if it’s necessary or not to the story.

And while I’m at it, I should probably give the first three chapters another thorough editing pass (and especially chapter 1.) They’re good, but not great, and apparently great is what’s needed to hook agents.

That’s going to be hard, unexciting work, so I’ll keep working on my other books as well. Unless my schedule takes another hit, I think I could have a Shitty First Draft done by late August.

So that’s what I’m looking toward.


Blank Page Anxiety

I usually have no difficulty writing stories. Blog posts, however, are a bit harder.

Part of that is because there’s just not much to talk about. I’m working on Book the Second, but not as much as I’d like. Book the First hasn’t found an agent yet. And I’ve been very busy lately, so I don’t have the free time to put on more involved blog posts.

We’ll be due for another dispiriting Query Report soon, but I don’t feel like looking at depressing stats at the moment. So I’ll hold off on that.

I could post some gaming pointers, I guess. I’ve always wanted to do some armchair roleplaying game design, so I guess that could be an option for future posts.

Hopefully, of course, I’ll have something interesting to report instead.