Let’s Play Stellaris: First Contact

Last time on Stellaris…

We were working on reactivating an alien shipyard. That worked out okay, as it spat out a fleet of three ships, significantly more powerful than any I could build. And then we salvaged a derelict ship from a gas giant, an enormous cruiser, whose power dwarfed my entire fleet’s.

So when the game decided to spawn a few pirates, well…

Let’s just say it didn’t work out so well for them.

So we kept expanding, kept exploring…. and then the big day happened.

Weird, mysterious ALIENS! Who could have imagined!?!

I prioritize the project to understand them, and finally make a formal First Contact.

And… they’re not hostile. In fact, they’re friendly enough that they send me a small gift of energy and minerals.

So they’re friendly, interested in being nice… probably in part because my fleet is much more powerful than theirs due to my two ship-generating anomalies. But also because they’re nice people overall. Which means we shouldn’t go to war with them, right?


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