Let’s Play Stellaris: Filling in the Blanks

We’re wrapping up the early game now, as I’m basically just racing my neighbors to claim systems.

And so we grow…

And grow…

And grow until we’ve secured our borders and only need to backfill the random systems I’ve left behind my borders.

The era of space piracy draws to a close… and it’s time to start considering mid-game plans.

An option would be to sit tight and focus inward. I have tons of building to upgrade, systems to expand into, and worlds to colonize. It is absolutely a valid option… but it’s the boring, run out the clock tactic. Besides, I want to see more stuff!

The alternative is war.

I have two enemies (rivals with a militarist bent, really, they’ve claimed a couple of my systems but that’s the extent of the conflict so far) at my borders: the Bebaki toward the center of the galaxy and the Hiffnar clockwise and away from me. Right now, I enjoy a significant military advantage: my tech is better by a wide enough margin that it shows. In addition, I think I have a stronger economy than either of them, and Hiffnar is currently at war with one of their neighbors.

Bebaki, however, could be an interesting target as well: I figure I could get the Commonwealth of Trako to join me in fighting them, as we already have great relations and a defensive pact.

But ultimately I decide to go for Hiffnar’s land. I’d like to expand in the unexplored galactic north, which would also cut Hiffnar from going any further inland. There’s also a great chokepoint system to contain them to their quadrant if I can seize that much ground from them.

That does means I need to start cutting down on “natural” expansion. taking systems costs Influence, plus my fleet need a thorough round of reinforcing and updating before we go to war.



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