Query Report: Perhaps the Penultimate Edition


Well, for better or for worse, I’ve sent off all the queries I wanted to send. I might fire off a few more if I read about an agent for whom Book the First would be an obvious great fit, but other than that we’re moving on.

Number of Agents Identified: 26

As a reminder, those are only the agents I’ve identified since making a major reedit/reworking of my manuscript, synopsis and query.

Number of Queries sent: 26

As I said, I’m done sending queries.

Number of Rejections/Stale Queries: 14


No changes there. Obviously, some of my queries are quite close to being officially stale, but I’ll wait a few more weeks.

Number of Requests for the Manuscript: 2 – Both ultimately rejected

Still no change there. Hopefully I’ll get at least one more tally in this category (along with one in the “offer of representation” category.

Final Thoughts:

Well, it’s time to move on. Book the First, you’re on your own now.




Well, that was a waste of a week. I’ve come down with what feels like a mix of gastroenteritis, influenza, and the T-virus. I’ve yet to develop glowing red spots you can hit for MASSIVE DAMAGE, but I’m sure it’s just a matter of time.

More seriously, I’m starting to feel better, and the whole “unable to do anything” shebang means my brain is well-rested, at least. Hopefully, that’ll translate to a lot of creative productivity when I get back on top of all the chores and work I haven’t done yet.

Still, the next week’s post should be up in a couple of days. Not sure what it’ll be (other than that it’s not going to be the Ulysses opinion post.)

A Dad and a Writer: Month 6 and Change

Two small steps forward, one big step back.

That’s how fatherhood feels sometimes. The big step back, in this case, is the return of the broken nights and the associated sleep-deprivation. It’s a common issue as babies enter their sixth month: they begin to feel anxious when they wake up at night and their parents aren’t around.

It’s obviously hell on my ability to achieve my goals: I have some free time now after my son goes to bed… but I’m often very tired, or stressed out, plus I can’t plan on actually having a long stretch of uninterrupted time to write.

Still, so far, I’ve managed to stay on top of my goals for the year (if barely.) My last few queries are going out mostly on schedule, I’m reading regularly, posting content on time (more or less)… I’m not progressing as much as I’d like on my writing projects, but that’s in large part because I’m focusing on the other parts of my yearly plan.

Besides, I have paternity leave time coming up. I can’t imagine that five weeks of free time won’t let me make some major progress…