A Dad and a Writer, Part 3: Weeks 5 through 8

Fatherhood is kicking my ass.

Okay, not really. In fact, things are getting incrementally better now, with the baby sleeping a few more minutes between feedings at night, and especially since my girlfriend and I are getting better and more efficient at all those baby-raising tasks.

In a way, that’s the difficulty I have to face: the excitement of having a new baby has worn off and now it’s the routine of childcare that’s beginning to be a bit of a drag.

It’s the apparent lack of progress that does it for me – usually, there’s a big jump in cognitive and physical abilities at around six weeks of age, but my son was born four weeks early so in our case we have about two more weeks of feed/sleep/feed/sleep/feed/wash/sleep to go through before the next baby level-up.

Let’s be clear: the problem here is me and my expectations, not the baby. It’s funny, because I have the same problem as a writer: I’m super motivated to get started on a writing milestone (whether it’s starting a new chapter, finishing one, or whatever) but I find it very hard to deal with the middle part, since there’s no clear goal or marker of success. I guess that in both cases, I just need to power through until I reach the next exciting bit.

On a more prosaic level, I’m still struggling to find time to work on the whole becoming-a-full-time-writer project. Whenever I can scrounge up an hour or so, I use it to either look for prospective agents, work on queries, or even to actually write a bit, but that amounts to maybe an hour a day during the week once I factor in work and household tasks (and I do need to let out some steam sometimes.) I’m really looking forward to getting a few more minutes back every day, because I do think they’ll make a major difference.

Speaking of which – I have a few more minutes available right now, so that could be an entire additionnal sentence for Book the Second. Quick, to the manuscript file!


Wordcount: 503

Writing that second book has been difficult. The sequel to Book the First is something I can work on fairly easily, but it’s perhaps not the best use of my time since I have yet to find an agent willing to represent it. But working on something else presentsĀ its own challenges. I’ve started a couple of books, but both have stalled in part because of baby stuff and in part because I’m not that excited about them.

That said, I may have cleared that second hurdle. My latest idea works for me both at the big-picture, metaplot-and-theme level and at the character/action/voice level. In other words, it’s both fun to write and to plan.

So that’s where I am right now. A few hundreds words in yet another attempt – but at least it’s an attempt that will lead me somewhere I think I will like.