Extended Hiatus

Well, after committing to my resolutions, why not start by not posting for more than a month? Heck, why not drop every creative project for a while?

But I have a good reason – a cool, cool project (on the personal side) that might end up letting me be much more productive later on. Unfortunately, that took a lot of my time.

That said, going forward I should be able to post a bit more frequently. And I should be able to progress on the writing front as well.

But the easiest way to get back on track after screwing up a schedule is to limit the scope of activities, and to cull out the high-work, low-result activities. In my case, this means abandonning the Europa Universalis Let’s Play for now. It’s fun, but it”s a fantastic excuse to just play Europa Universalis, and the writing I get out of it is dry an uninteresting. I might come back to it someday, but I’ll definitely be going for a less marathonian achievement than the world conquest.

So that’s where things stand at the moment. Hopefully productivity will improve soon.

Crunch Time!

So, where are we on our goals for the year?

1-Read ten (10) new books:

I’m at 9.5. Last one is Pride and Prejudice, which is a bit of a slog (it’s good, but just not to my taste.) Definitely doable by end of year.

2-Write one blog post every week:

Already done. Admittedly a few of those were low-content notes and the like, but I think I’ll post enough by the end of the year to make that a moot point.

3-Be done with Book the First:

As a reminder, here’s what that goal meant:

That means either finding an agent, or self-publishing the book. 

I’ve mad a lot of progress on e-publishing the book, but no way I can do it by end of year. And I’m not planning on querying any more this year, and I have no live query. That’s a failure (though not from lack of trying.)

4-Finish and start shopping the short story I’m currently writing:

Project dropped, because it was splitting my focus too much at a time when I couldn’t afford it. I still think trying to get a short story published would be a good idea but it needs to be a better short story project than the one I had.

Still a failure.

5-Take this website to the next level:

Nope. Admittedly, I kind of need an art direction for this first. But failure so far (although I doing at least the backend work would be a good first step, and that’s doable by end of year.)

6-Finalize my plans and start work on the Next Series:


I think that’s a success. Not a definite, clear success, but good enough for a pass.

So – my focus for the last month of the year will be backend work on the site, and finding a short story idea that I can somehow get published (and hopefully, at least make a good start on it.) Three acceptable successes and two goals in significant progress are good enough for me to accept my output for the year.

Back to Work

All good things come to an end. My paternity leave ends today, and so I must head back to work.

(Full disclosure, I have an easy first week, so don’t pay too much attention to my whining.)

So – did I do everything I wanted on my vacation?


Almost made it. In fact, I have another post already written up so technically I did everything I wanted there.


Total, abject failure. I was more tired than I thought, but the real kicker was how exhausting being at home with the baby for entire days could be. Once I got past the initial sleep-twelve-hours-a-day period of my vacation, I had some time off in the evening, but my brain just wasn’t there.

And when I finally found energy again, well, we instead decided to put that energy to socialize a bit.

The good news is we now have a start date for daycare. So starting in June I should have prime quality time at home without the baby.

Now that the excuses are over… I did manage to work on the support documentation for Book the Second. Solved my main plot issue for the series, drew the world map, and even got started on the synopsis. But actual word count only went up by a few hundred (although I did get through a tough scene, so there’s that.)


On track with what I wanted to do, but no movement on that front. Still, it’s not because I didn’t do my part, so I call this a win!


I did some research. Surprisingly easier than I thought, but I still need to do more and write that post.

5-Other projects:

Started on some of the projects I had in mind (that’s the “in reserve” post), also stumbled into surprise projects that could generate me some money. So another net positive here.

So that’s what I did on my vacation.