Adventures in Book Publishing

Soon, I will be a published author.

Maybe. Hopefully.

I do have the huge advantage that my first novel is mostly done. As of today, I still need to copyedit the last few chapters (and to review it to trim those pesky phrases I tend to overuse, and to go back and make sure my dialogue is properly punctuated, and maybe to… well, you get the idea.)

But now’s a great time to start my blog documenting my foray into the wonderful world of writing. I’d have done so earlier, but I figured it should wait until I was certain I’d finish the manuscript. The Internet doesn’t actually need yet another blog about a failed writing project, after all.

So what will this blog be about?

Well, my first few posts should cover the end of my writing-and-revising process. Then, I intend to document the oh-so-absolutely-not-stressful query-sending phase, and (if things go well) the details of securing a publishing deal. At that time, I’ll also start on outlining the sequel to my first book (because of course it’s a series) and then get to work on another, unrelated project. As much as I like my Book 1, I want to be rational about this: if it doesn’t find a home, then its sequel won’t either.

At some point I’ll have to customize this blog too. A default theme just won’t cut it.

But that’s getting slightly ahead of myself. First, I need to hit the publish button on this, then get back to copyediting. Well, maybe I’ll workshop some title ideas too…


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