Query Report: Perhaps the Penultimate Edition


Well, for better or for worse, I’ve sent off all the queries I wanted to send. I might fire off a few more if I read about an agent for whom Book the First would be an obvious great fit, but other than that we’re moving on.

Number of Agents Identified: 26

As a reminder, those are only the agents I’ve identified since making a major reedit/reworking of my manuscript, synopsis and query.

Number of Queries sent: 26

As I said, I’m done sending queries.

Number of Rejections/Stale Queries: 14


No changes there. Obviously, some of my queries are quite close to being officially stale, but I’ll wait a few more weeks.

Number of Requests for the Manuscript: 2 – Both ultimately rejected

Still no change there. Hopefully I’ll get at least one more tally in this category (along with one in the “offer of representation” category.

Final Thoughts:

Well, it’s time to move on. Book the First, you’re on your own now.



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