Marathon Month

Well, it’s been a while since I’ve managed to write a blog post.

It’s been a rough month – nothing specific, just the last few weeks of work prior to heading out on well-earned paternity leave. I’m the kind of guy who’ll handle several years of work without a single vacation without issue, then barely manage to drag myself over the finish line once I finally schedule some time off.

I’ll do a several posts on the advancement of my various projects soon, but here’s the quick version:

1-No movement on the agenting side. I’ll do a quick review of that sometime this week, to figure out how many of my final queries are officially dead and how many are still on life support.

2-My son’s doing well. Not much to add there.

3-I’m progressing on the newest Book the Second. Not much in the last ten days or so, but I have big plans for the next five weks.

4-I have to get some gaming (or pseudo-gaming) time in, so I will post the much-belated Bonus Creativity post soon.

5-Regardless of the progress on the agent front, I will get started on looking at e-publishing requirements and options. Expect a post or two on the subject.

So that’s where I am. First, of course, is the inevitable start-of-vacation migraine I’m bound to run into. There’s a reason I don’t take vacations, people. 🙂



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