Weekly Report: Unqualified Success!

It’s that time again!

1-Write 500 words on Book the Second.

Success! I have cleared the very low bar this time. I just have to do that maybe 160 more times and I’ll have a manuscript!

2-Tech Bible: Found my solution, it works like I want it to, and I’ve begun transferring the data in. Let’s call this one a success too.

3-E-publishing Research: Fail. Didn’t get anything done there at all.

4-Paid Writing Project: Success. Not done yet, but the finish line is very close.

5-Secret Project: nothing done.

Overall: I got my 500 words, and completed 3 out of 5 tasks. So by my rules it’s a success. Also, it’s really over six days, not a full week, and I didn’t touch the easiest (by my reckoning) task, and it was another legitimately busy week. So I think calling it a success is fair, but I think I ought to raise the bar a bit for next week.

Goals for next week:

1-The AMAZING 600 WORDS CHALLENGE. Yeah. I’m raising the bar by a whole hundred words. As before, this is a must-do.

2-Tech Bible: get the totality of my word file transferred over in the New Tech Bible. For this task to be a success, I must officially have deleted the word file.

3-Notes on e-publishing: same goal as last week: I need to set down the structure of the blog post on this subject.

4-Finish the paid writing project. I need to have sent in the work by next Monday.

5-Secret Project Blog: I need the post to be written. Not posted (that will come later, but it should be ready to go.

6-What’s that? ANOTHER DIFFICULTY INCREASE? such insanity. The goal is to post the next A Dad and a Writer post.

Passing grade for this assignment is 4/6, including the 600 words. Crazy, I know!


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