Weekly Report: An Uninterrupted Stream of Victories

2 in 2! 2 in 2!


1-The AMAZING 600 WORDS CHALLENGE. Pfah. Easy peasy. Success.

2-Tech Bible: Done. Oh wait, did I delete the file? Right, yes I did oh wait what’s that other file OH NO TOTAL FAIL.

(Seriously, though, I just noticed another file of notes. Nothing problematic and it’s all probably in the official Bible already but still, it’s a fail.

3-Notes on e-publishing: still on the back burner. FAIL.

4-Finish the paid writing project. Sent, and paid. SUCCESS.

5-Secret Project Blog: No way to prove it, but it’s done. Plus extras. SUCCESS.

6-A Dad and a Writer: obviously a SUCCESS.

So I met my passing grade (and probably would have gotten five out of six if it wasn’t for that surprise file of notes.)

Goals for next week:

1-Another 600 words. I really should try to ramp up that number, but last week had a bunch of unpleasant surprises and I’m tired.

2-An extra blog post. It can be anything.

3-Prep a third Secret Project blog.

4-Finish the Bible for real this time.

5-Start work on personalizing my site theme. This has run on the default for long enough.

6-Not a blog/content/writing goal, but at this point it needs to be done: clear the last of the housework deficit I’ve been dealing with for close to four weeks now. It’s not that bad, but there’s a lot of low-priority tasks that have been nagging me for weeks now, and it’s killing my concentration. At a  minimum I need to get my office back in some semblance of order.

Passing grade is 4/6, including the 600 words, but also the Bible and the housework. Let’s get as close to a clean slate as we can.


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