Goalposts Moving

Well, time to look back on my last, what, three weeks of enforced rest?

1-Didn’t do the writing. Doctor’s orders.

2-I did blog. I think..

3-Secret Project: OH SO MUCH PROGRESS. Since this is also my downtime activity, that enforced rest was a net positive there.

4-Finished the Bible for real this time.

5-I’ve begun looking at the site stuff. I have a pretty good idea on what I need to get started, but that’s on hold for now.

6-Housework done.

Right, so in other words I just didn’t write Book the Second. It’s a failure by my standards, but an honest failure in this case.

Going forward, I’ll stick with easier goals for the next few weeks. Say 400 words and focus on getting Book the First in e-publication form for this week, since at this point I can pretty much call my remaining queries stale.



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