Weekly Progress Report

Not much to report this week – lots of uninteresting work like editing, obviously done tasks like writing blog posts, and basic maintenance tasks like making sure there’s food in the fridge. In particular, writing new words has been difficult lately, so I’m focusing on everything else.

I’m starting to realize I really do need time alone, on a predictable basis, to manage to write. It takes me a while to get in the zone once I’m alone – I usually need to mess around for an hour, an hour and a half before I get in the right mindset to write. An hour and a half from my son’s bedtime would still leave me an hour or two to write every night, but I kind of want to talk to my girlfriend once in a while too.

That said, she’s going back to work in September, and I do have a day off during the week whereas she has a straight Monday-to-Friday job. Hopefully, that’ll give me some high-quality writing time.


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