Pathfinder 2nd edition

So Paizo’s preparing for a second edition of Pathfinder.

And I’m… mildly interested, I guess?

It doesn’t help that I’m allergic to the kind of marketing cynicism that a “public playtest” represents. It’s a pre-release, not a playtest. Let’s call it as such.

As to the content itself, so far I’m cautiously optimistic. I like games with rules and options, and it looks like there are enough moving parts in the systems detailed so far to keep me interested. On the other hand, a lot of the talking points have been about the “feel” of the game, and after the rules-incomplete bullshit that is D&D5, I’m really, really wary of “feels.”

Will I pay for it… so far, I’m doubtful. I’ll play it with pleasure if someone else brings the books. But for my own campaigns, I’ll probably stick with Pathfinder 1. I just have too much content left to use.

(And if they go for a pay-per-month model for Herolab, you can remove the “probably” from the preceding sentence.)


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