LPEU4: Again

So I need another fix. Try to go for an Ottoman World Conquest again!

I’ll be a bit more efficient on posts going forward, however. A blow-by-blow is kind of boring, so we’ll just hit the highlights.

Let’s get started!

The World Has Changed. In particular, the Ottomans no longer have bunches of cores to reconquer in Anatolia, meaning they generate a lot more AE than before.

On the other hand, I don’t necessarily want to rush as fast as I usually do: in retrospect, it’s much better to have a solid economy in place and to hit the important tech levels as early as possible than to have grabbed every last 1/1/1 province I can grab in Siberia.

So… let’s talk about the starting years.

One of my goals is to vassalize the colonizing European countries as early as I can. If I vassalize them, they will create colonial nations for me, effectively conquering the New World in my name.

To do so, I declare unprovoked wars on Granada and one of the minor Irish kingdoms. The idea is to create bridgeheads on parts of Europe. It does create a rather stupid amount of overextension, but that’s fine – an early coalition of Irish minors form, but it’s manageable with diplomacy. When I finally vassalize it, turns out it’s already at war with its neighbors and so I get to grab another province for my newly-minted vassal.

Then it’s time to seize Constantinople, a bit ahead of history (but later than I usually do). But that’s fine, it lets me work away some potential coalition-forming countries in Ireland.

After that, I seize an opportunity to take out the Knights (and their annoying raiding ability) along with Cyprus. I do that in a way which lets me skirts coalitions, but after that it’s time to take a year off (and then to focus a bit on the Muslim world, as the Christians are pissed at me right now.



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