Weekly Report

I’ve been struggling with my schedule lately.

Let’s call a spade a spade: part of that is allowing myself more gaming time. But I’ve also been reading a lot. And I’ve been focusing a lot on my life projects too.

Still, I’m on top of my editing tasks, and I’ve really only dropped the ball on writing new words, and that only a little.

I really hope to hit some of my targets soon, however. I’d like to prune my recurring to-do list a bit, and I could use the stabler schedule that would entail. We’ll just have to cross our fingers on that.

On editing Book the First, I’m not quite at the “One Final Push” mark. Editing a page or two a day is slow, but at least it’s progress and doing more than that would just lead to me phoning the editing in. I think in a week or two I’ll reach that Final Push point and take the remaining thirty or so pages down in a few days. But we’ll see.

(Then it’s punch in the corrections, rewrite a couple scenes, and then ten final queries for that project before self-publishing it.)

So that’s it for my week.


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