Weekly Report: On Vacation

…from work, that is. It’s actually been a fairly productive week.

First, I’ve finished revising Book the First. Still need to punch in my revisions (and this includes rewriting a problematic scene) but it’s one big, daunting task removed from my to-do list.

I’ve also started on drawing up my final-try for agents for Book the First. I want to get fifteen names on that list… and I’m at four. But that’s for later anyway.

I’m also working on my writing tools: I want to try and write more efficiently now that free time isn’t as available as I’d like. I want to try the method suggested by Karen Wiesner in First Draft in 30 Days. Unfortunately, that means reproducing an awful lot of worksheets – a fantastic task when I’m feeling mentally exhausted.

I’ve also taken the edge off the worst of my fatigue, but honestly right now I’m not in a great place for writing. It’s really hard to get the serenity I need, but it seems like that’s going to get better too.

We’ll see!


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