Let It Be Resolved

So, time for my yearly resolutions. After all, you can’t very well fail if you don’t set yourself impossible goals, right?

Actually, joking aside, I do like setting myself goals. Well-defined, achievable goals. So, as far as writing goes, here’s what I want to accomplish this year.

1-Read ten (10) new books:

In my pre-fatherhood days, this would have been a trivial accomplishment. Nowadays… it’s daunting. But let’s make it tougher: at least two of those books have to be classics of the “books you must have read before you die” variety. I’m thinking Joyce and Proust, but we’ll see.

2-Write one blog post every week:

That’s pretty self-explanatory. Some slippage is probably inevitable, but I want to have 91 published posts by the end of the year. Yes, this post counts.

3-Be done with Book the First:

That means either finding an agent, or self-publishing the book. I have eleven more agents I want to query on my list (and I’m allowing myself a twelfth if I learn of someone I think is worth a shot.) If I find an agent, great, if not, well, the goal is to have the ebook out for next Christmas.

4-Finish and start shopping the short story I’m currently writing:

This is the next piece of writing I want to finish. I’m almost done with the first draft, and that’s really what I’m struggling to fit in my schedule. Editing can easily be done in small increments, but writing needs long stretches of free time.

5-Take this website to the next level:

This means learning WordPress better, and throwing some cash at the problem. Also, it means figuring out categories, tags, the works.

6-Finalize my plans and start work on the Next Series:

I sorta like my new project. But I need to do a lot of thinking and planning and worldbuilding for it. I want to end the year with that project well on its way.

So, that’s it for me this year. Let’s get cracking!


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