2017 Reading List

As mentionned in my resolution post, I want to read ten books this year. I figure I might as well mention which books I’ve selected and why.

1-James Joyce, Ulysses. Because if you’re going to read one book by a specific author, might as well go with his most seminal work.

2-Marcel Proust, À la recherche du temps perdu. Same reason, only in French.

3-Undecided, Some Random Romance Novel. Because I’ve never read any romance novels, and I want to use this opportunity to broaden my horizons. I’ll need further research to decide which title I’ll actually read.

4-Ian Manook, Yeruldelgger. Mostly because I received it in a Christmas gift exchange, but I wanted some French books in this list, and I wanted to read at least one detective novel. Let’s kill an entire flock of birds with one stone, shall we?

5-Eric Flint, David Drake, The Tide of Victory. Because I read the first four books of the Belisarius series back when they were part of the Baen Free Library, and because someone can lend me books five and six.

6-Eric Flint, David Drake, The Dance of Time. Because obviously.

7-David Weber, At the Sign of Triumph. Because it’s one of the series I’m currently reading assiduously.

8-Richard Adams, Watership Down. Because I never read it and it’s been on my list of “you should read it someday” since basically forever.

9-R.A. Salvatore, Homeland. Because I’ve read more gaming fiction than I’ll ever admit to in polite company, yet I’ve never read the single one series that’s apparently any good.

10-Ian Bainks, Consider Phlebas. Because a streamer I follow keeps recommending the Culture series of books, and I want to see if it’s really worth reading or not.

First up are probably the two Belisarius books, then I’ll dive into Joyce I think. After that it’s up to chance.


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