A Satisfactory Week

Somehow, I’ve managed to turn a very busy week into a very productive one.

Lots of editing. Lots of writing. And I’m not exhausted.

Next week is looking bad, however. My real-life Secret Project is generating tons of anxiety for me right now, and I feel I’m going to run into a stress-wall soon.

But if you’re having trouble managing your life, do try Habitica. That part is a bright spot.


Actual Progress

The last week and a half has been something quite rare: it’s been productive.

In part, I think that’s because I switched task management systems, going from ToDoist to Habitica. I won’t pretend the gamification features don’t help (I HATE losing HP) but the real winner for me is the organization (and the fact that missed deadlines don’t necessarily stick around in a Late Queue of Despair.)

Regardless of the reason, I’m actually progressing quite switfly on editing Book the First, I’m slowly adding words to Book the Second, and I’m keeping on top of my other obligations and goals for the year.

It’s not always easy (and in part, I’m succeeding because I’ve set the bar quite low in terms of wordcount-per-day and pages-revised-per-day) but the I’d rather hit easy milestones every day than repeatedly fail at harder ones.

I still have quite a few non-routine challenges on the menu right now, which makes further progress difficult, but I think I’ve finally managed to get some forward momentum going.

So what’s up next? Well, I have a Just my Opinion post ready to be written. I’m probably going to torch all my EU4 saves in order to attempt an easier challenge. And maybe some cool news soon, too. We’ll see.

More Steps Forward

I’m having trouble getting over the last few shots life has taken at me.

The writing career isn’t progressing. I’m not enjoying my current job situation. And as mentioned, my personal life has been hell lately.

So for now I’m going to go easy on myself. The goal for now is to make small progress every day, no more and no less. A page of revisions, some work on a synopsis, minor improvements to the blog/site… that’s enough for now.

Reading-wise, I’m not being super-ambitious this year. Another Proust book, a pair of current-gen fantasy author… that’s pretty much it. We’ll see how I feel in a week or two.

Not So Weekly Update

Well, the last few weeks have been demanding. Not bad, but exhausting.

On the plus side, that’s in part because I’ve received a manuscript request (based on the revised-for-self-publication version of the manuscript) following a query I sent on a whim a few weeks ago. But that added some work (integrating my latest revisions, mainly) that I didn’t expect, I ended up spending even more time than I expected at work, and so on and so forth.

On the minus side, I was exhausted, which meant I basically focused most of my energy on the Let’s Play project. In other words, I’ve been messing around on EU4 way too much and not producing a lot of actually marketable content.

Let’s be honest: I’m going to allow myself to relax on the LP a bit more, then return to writing as my main “leisure time” activity afterward. But I really need to find the correct balance of work/play/be a dad/write, and right now I’m going the easy way of ignoring writing. I needed the break, but I want it to be a break, not the new normal.


Weekly Report: New Position

Life got fun. A week ago, I was promoted at work. Obviously, that means more responsibilities and opportunities.

Short-term, it mostly means extra work. I kinda know, in general terms, what my additional responsibilities will be. I need to figure out the specifics, and since it’s a small business, I kind of have to do it on my own.

In the meantime, I’ve fallen back to the tried-and-true “be structured, document everything you do” method of task handling. So I’m writing more, which is good I guess?

It’s also been tiring – which is not conducive to doing good creative work, but even less for reviewing. I’ve been disciplined in my editing schedule, but I know the work I’m doing isn’t as good as it could be, which means I will be spending more time going over what I’ve reviewed lately. But it’s progress.

On a more personal front, Baby #2 is on the way. Which is cool from a blogging perspective, at least.

Weekly Report: Rescheduling

So I decided to face reality. Given my recent health issues and some professional opportunities, I need to admit I’m never going to catch up with my backlog. So all writing of new words has been pushed back to November (that’s my NaNoWriMo project for this year, apparently)


Blog will continue. Editing will continue. Progress will continue. Novelwriting is on hiatus unfortunately as I find my footing again.


Weekly Report

Well, I’m slowly beating my backlog into submission. With this post I’ll be up to date on blog content, I’m catching up (slowly) to where I want to be on revisions for Book the First, and I’ve completely cleared my free-time schedule so I should be able to make up some lost ground on the actual writing of books.

In addition, I have another work-light week, so I should be able to keep making progress at a good clip.

I really want to diversify my projects a bit – in particular, I want to get started on the blog redesign and theme. But that’s a reward I’ll give myself once I’m closer to being in control of my workload.

The whole “scrubbing out on the LP” was in theory a setback, but honestly, I wasn’t that happy with my blog post anyway. So it’s a mixed blessing – the content I’ll eventually produce there will be better than it would have been otherwise.

So – back to work! And by that I don’t mean (just) playing EU4. I think.