Goalposts Moving

Well, time to look back on my last, what, three weeks of enforced rest?

1-Didn’t do the writing. Doctor’s orders.

2-I did blog. I think..

3-Secret Project: OH SO MUCH PROGRESS. Since this is also my downtime activity, that enforced rest was a net positive there.

4-Finished the Bible for real this time.

5-I’ve begun looking at the site stuff. I have a pretty good idea on what I need to get started, but that’s on hold for now.

6-Housework done.

Right, so in other words I just didn’t write Book the Second. It’s a failure by my standards, but an honest failure in this case.

Going forward, I’ll stick with easier goals for the next few weeks. Say 400 words and focus on getting Book the First in e-publication form for this week, since at this point I can pretty much call my remaining queries stale.


Weekly Report: An Uninterrupted Stream of Victories

2 in 2! 2 in 2!


1-The AMAZING 600 WORDS CHALLENGE. Pfah. Easy peasy. Success.

2-Tech Bible: Done. Oh wait, did I delete the file? Right, yes I did oh wait what’s that other file OH NO TOTAL FAIL.

(Seriously, though, I just noticed another file of notes. Nothing problematic and it’s all probably in the official Bible already but still, it’s a fail.

3-Notes on e-publishing: still on the back burner. FAIL.

4-Finish the paid writing project. Sent, and paid. SUCCESS.

5-Secret Project Blog: No way to prove it, but it’s done. Plus extras. SUCCESS.

6-A Dad and a Writer: obviously a SUCCESS.

So I met my passing grade (and probably would have gotten five out of six if it wasn’t for that surprise file of notes.)

Goals for next week:

1-Another 600 words. I really should try to ramp up that number, but last week had a bunch of unpleasant surprises and I’m tired.

2-An extra blog post. It can be anything.

3-Prep a third Secret Project blog.

4-Finish the Bible for real this time.

5-Start work on personalizing my site theme. This has run on the default for long enough.

6-Not a blog/content/writing goal, but at this point it needs to be done: clear the last of the housework deficit I’ve been dealing with for close to four weeks now. It’s not that bad, but there’s a lot of low-priority tasks that have been nagging me for weeks now, and it’s killing my concentration. At a  minimum I need to get my office back in some semblance of order.

Passing grade is 4/6, including the 600 words, but also the Bible and the housework. Let’s get as close to a clean slate as we can.

Weekly Report: Unqualified Success!

It’s that time again!

1-Write 500 words on Book the Second.

Success! I have cleared the very low bar this time. I just have to do that maybe 160 more times and I’ll have a manuscript!

2-Tech Bible: Found my solution, it works like I want it to, and I’ve begun transferring the data in. Let’s call this one a success too.

3-E-publishing Research: Fail. Didn’t get anything done there at all.

4-Paid Writing Project: Success. Not done yet, but the finish line is very close.

5-Secret Project: nothing done.

Overall: I got my 500 words, and completed 3 out of 5 tasks. So by my rules it’s a success. Also, it’s really over six days, not a full week, and I didn’t touch the easiest (by my reckoning) task, and it was another legitimately busy week. So I think calling it a success is fair, but I think I ought to raise the bar a bit for next week.

Goals for next week:

1-The AMAZING 600 WORDS CHALLENGE. Yeah. I’m raising the bar by a whole hundred words. As before, this is a must-do.

2-Tech Bible: get the totality of my word file transferred over in the New Tech Bible. For this task to be a success, I must officially have deleted the word file.

3-Notes on e-publishing: same goal as last week: I need to set down the structure of the blog post on this subject.

4-Finish the paid writing project. I need to have sent in the work by next Monday.

5-Secret Project Blog: I need the post to be written. Not posted (that will come later, but it should be ready to go.

6-What’s that? ANOTHER DIFFICULTY INCREASE? such insanity. The goal is to post the next A Dad and a Writer post.

Passing grade for this assignment is 4/6, including the 600 words. Crazy, I know!

Weekly Report: Almost Successful

How productive was I this week? Well, let’s look at last week’s goal list:

1-Write 500 words on Book the Second.

Status: I did get some writing done, but didn’t get to 500 words. Pathetic (but I had an extremely busy week, so I don’t feel as bad as I should about that.)

2-Book the Second tech bible: I didn’t do what I wanted to do there, but I put in quite a few hours to figure out a better way to organize my creative stuff going forward. So it’s a “Did way better than what I had planned” – enough that I can call this a success.

3-Another Bonus Creativity post: Done.

4-Review my agent list: Done.

5-Notes on e-publishing: some work, but nowhere enough not to call this one a fail.

So… 3/5 successful tasks, plus enough work put in on the others to call that a 4/5. But the 500 words were mandatory, so it’s still a Fail overall. Close call, though (and given the week I’ve had, I feel okay about it.)

Goals for next week:

1-500 Words Redux. Same deal as last week.

2-Get the Tech Bible structured properly (and with some of the content put in) – there’s a lot of work to be done there, but I need to be satisfied with what I’ve done to call that a success.

3-Notes on e-publishing: at this point, I need to get at least the structure of the blog post completed. Which means finishing up the research.

4-Put it some work on the paid writing project. Not sure if I can finish it this week, but I want to be within sight of the finish line at least by next Monday.

5-Hammer out another blog post for my Secret Project – this represents at least 4-5 hours of work, but it’s very enjoyable work.

Well… let’s get to work!